Permutable is an Analytics and Experimentation Agency.
We help startups grow by understanding their users through data.

Permutable is a small team of experts working remotely but based in Copenhagen, providing bespoke analytics and experimentation services to growth startups.

We are an official partner of Amplitude, our tool of choice for product analytics. That said, don’t hesitate to get in touch if your existing tool is something else - we’ve worked with most of them.


We implement, analyse, and interpret qualitative and quantitative data.

We are experts in product analytics, from implementation and data modelling to advanced behavioural cohorts.


We help you set up a robust hypothesis testing process, ensuring you can test your product and growth ideas without worrying about significance and bias.

User Research.

We believe in the potent combination of qualititiative and quantitative user research, and will show you how to use it.

Official Amplitude Partner

We consider Amplitude to be the most powerful tool for product analytics, and are therefore delighted to be an official and certified partner. This deepens our expertise and helps us with instrumentation. That said, if you prefer another tool, that’s fine too.

Recent Projects

We've worked with companies in 4 continents, but also down the road from our base in Copenhagen. Here you can read in detail about some of the projects we've worked on.

Experimenting with Climate ActionFishing for Correlation
Video Analytics for E-Learning


Working with Timothy was excellent, he was professional, very pleasant to work with, and very knowledgable. Was really glad he was up to date with all software and applications, and provided more than we had asked for.

- Michael, Mougi

Tim is an expert when it comes to analytics. We have a complex software product with different user types and complex workflows, and in 2 weeks he was able to fix our Segment setup and create a set of excellent Amplitude dashboards. Because he has so much experience in the field, he proactively finds the edge cases and implements systems so those are handled correctly.

- Marlon, Portal

Timothy is a consummate pro at product analytics. High-level thinker who's not scared of getting deep in the weeds. His past experience makes him a deep well of actionable insights. Would hire him full-time if I had the ability and opportunity.

- Julian, We3